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The Best company for entrepreneurs. They give you the tools to get your business up and running.

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  • R. Holland

    President, T&S Development Center

    WOW! What a rush! Working with Tina Williams and the QT staff was both a rush and educational experience. Their professional skills and knowledge goes well beyond what I expected from a company. The patient and time that Tina gave, while working with me, was more then I expected. Not to mention the fantastic results! It's companies like QT Business that gives a small, new company the best chances to succeed. Keep up the good work!

  • J. Polk

    Executive Director, The Bravo Foundation

     The Best company for entrepreneurs. They give you the tools to get your business up and running.

  • Sheila Jones

    Executive Director, T&S Development Center

     This is a excellent business to be part of . They have no problem helping me with all of my business needs. I really encourage you come on board to get assistance with your non-profit or profit business.

What will you get?

Fast 501c3 Status Application Service

  1. We will assist with completing and filing the necessary documents so tht your legal entity is opened with your state as a Domestic Non Profit Organization and obtiain your tax ID. (if applicable) (State filing fees not included)
  2. You will receive 1- two hour consultation to complete the state filing paperwork and the 501c3 application
  3. We will electronically submit your 501c3 application to the IRS (IRS filing fee not included
  4. Our goal is to get you a fast 501c3 status approval

Fast 501c3 Status Benefits

Once you have obtained your 501cs status you will be able to accept tax deductible donations and bequests.  You will also be able to apply to grantmakers that require you to have your 501c3 status approved before you are able to receive grant money.

It will definitely be a great benefit to get your 501c3 status approval fast.  

Our clients receive their 501c3 status approval letters on average between 1 and 4 weeks from the time the IRS deducts their filing fee.  

Also, when you are an approved 501c3 tax exempt organization, those that wish to donate to you can verify that you are in fact an active organization that can receive tax deductible donations by going to the IRS's exemption checker database located HERE

If you would like to get a fast 501c3 status approval...sign up now!  You could have your 501c3 status approved within a matter of weeks.  

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